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Vivian Greven


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Not Vital – Dialogues with Park and Collection


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Space Travel V – Maya Hottarek, Matheline Marmy, Timo Paris


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Thanks to the Federal Council's further opening steps of 14th April 2021, we are once again offering a colourful range of guided tours, talks and other events. The statutory hygiene and security measures and our protection concept apply to all events. For some events, the number of places is limited and registration is required. You can easily reserve your place via our website. For your regular visit to the museum no reservation is needed.

 We are looking forward to your visit.

New discoveries at the Langmatt

From spring 2021, visitors to Langmatt will be able to discover and experience no fewer than six new formats:

Jenny’s Studio – Jenny Brown, the landlady of the Langmatt, worked as an artist herself for some years, keeping a studio in the upper storey. This room, which was formerly used as an office, is open to the pubic for the first time in 2021, and offers a surprising insight into the collector’s personal world.

Schaufenster Archiv (Showcase Archive) – The Schaufenster Archiv is being given its own presentation space for the first time – in the anteroom of Jenny’s Studio.First started in 2019, it collects selected archive materials from the museum’s extensive archives, with a new theme being chosen twice annually. In 2021, the focus will be on former staff and on the Browns’ library.

What is living in the park? – In 2020, a collaboration with the civic ecology authority saw the creation of a number of features to promote biodiversity in the park of the Museum Langmatt. Nesting boxes, brush piles, a wildflower meadow, and an artificial wetland additionally add value to this diverse complex. An audio tour is now available, providing interesting background information on the subject.

Find Harry! – The digital hunt Find Harry! sends the whole family racing on a tour around the Museum Langmatt park. At its centre is Harry F. Brown, the family’s youngest son, who keeps slipping away and who must be found with the aid of historical photos from the family archives.

Art in the Afternoon – To replace the popular series of events Kaffee, Kunst und Kuchen (Coffee, Art, and Cake), which we are unable to continue for the time being owing to the coronavirus situation, we are offering Art in the Afternoon, a half-an-hour in-depth look at works from the collection.The subject matter embraces artistic craftwork, archaeology, and family history.

We are here for you! – What is the story of the embroidered tablecloth in the dining room? Why is Cézanne considered one of the most important Impressionist painters? How do we select the contemporary artists for our exhibition program? Every Thursday at 16.00, an expert from the museum team will be available to answer questions about the house, the collection, and the exhibitions.

Strategy «Zukunft Langmatt» (Langmatt's Future)

In June 2020, the municipal council for the town of Baden decided in favour of the implementation of the Zukunft Langmatt (Langmatt’s Future) strategy. The strategy clarifies the financing of the overall renovation of the building (approx. CHF 17.2 million) and the restructuring of the finances of the Langmatt Foundation. Following the required referendum expected in 2023, the foundation, as the operator of the museum, will sell one to three works in order to generate the necessary foundation capital of around CHF 40 million. The return on capital will secure the long-term operation and thus the future of the museum.


Herta Müller at the Langmatt

The Museum Langmatt is staging the first Swiss exhibition of collages by Herta Müller (*1953 in Nitchidorf / Romania, has lived in Berlin since 1987). She is considered one of the most significant German-language authors of the present day. For the first time, she has created 140 new artworks of art that relate to one another, forming a kind of lyrical autobiography, unique in this form in contemporary literature.

Exhibition: 5th September 2021 to 5th December 2021

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A cinematic short portrait

To mark the museum's thirtieth anniversary, a short professional film about the Langmatt and its history was produced in cooperation with Seed Audio-Visual Communication AG. The idyllic park, the historic Art Nouveau villa and selected works from the art collection can be experienced in moving pictures for the first time. With fascinating tracking shots, the film answers the question of the Langmatt's "spirit" and identity.

Our visitors can watch the 8-minute film portrait in the specially equipped Langmatt cinema.

Here you can see the 2-minute short version (in German with English subtitles)


Rose Wylie exhibition on vernissage.tv

On the occasion of Rose Wylie's first Swiss solo exhibition at Museum Langmatt (2.3.-24.5.2021) vernissage.tv produced a short film. The camera and editing allow you to immerse yourself sensually in the images and roam along the motifs as if you were on an exploratory walk together with Rose Wylie's eyes.

Watch the 9-minute video here

The Museum Langmatt – A unique historic ensemble More

The Museum Langmatt opened in 1990 and is considered one of the most important private collections of French Impressionism in Europe. Together with the Art Nouveau villa and the park, the unique art collection forms an incomparable historical ensemble and a magical time capsule where inspired exhibitions combine the collection with contemporary art. In recent years, the museum has developed into a "hotspot" for contemporary painting and opened itself up to a wide range of events, from spoken poetry, pop concerts and classic car gatherings to picnics, yoga and drawing classes in the park. The Langmatt is a house of discoveries for all generations from near and far.

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