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Forever Young – The Langmatt's Most Significant Paintings


Ash Keating


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Overall Renovation

On 18 June 2023, the people of Baden voted in favour of the city's contribution of 10 million Swiss francs to the overall renovation and restoration of the Langmatt Museum. This is a decisive contribution to maintaining this institution, which is important in terms of art and cultural history, and to enhancing its value for visitors through structural extensions. The Langmatt Foundation and Museum are very pleased with the outcome of 79.25 % 'yes' votes.

The overall renovation in 2024/25 will preserve and protect the enchanting 120-year-old villa with one of the most important private collections of French Impressionism in Europe and the publicly accessible park. In addition to the structural renovation, the foundation Langmatt must now raise CHF 40 million for its endowment fund, providing the necessary interest rates for the long-term future of the museum’s operation. To this end, the Foundation, together with Christie's, will auction one to three paintings in November 2023.

More information about the sale of pictures

Kaleidoskop – Stimmen zum Gesamtkunstwerk Langmatt

Eine Frage, eine Antwort: Daraus entsteht ein Clip von maximal 60 Sekunden. Das Konzept des Online-Formats Kaleidoskop – Stimmen zum Gesamtkunstwerk Langmatt  ist so einfach wie evident. Beginnend im Frühling 2022 und fortlaufend bis Ende 2023 kommen namhafte Persönlichkeiten aus Politik, Wirtschaft und Kultur zu Wort. Sie beantworten jeweils eine Frage zu Gegenwart und Zukunft des historischen Ensembles Langmatt und dessen Faszination. 

Zu den Clips

​​​​​​​Appeal for donations for the overall renovation

In addition to the city of Baden and the canton of Aargau, the Langmatt Foundation is also contributing 3.19 million Swiss francs to the costs of the overall renovation - together with third parties such as municipalities and foundations, companies and private individuals. We need your support for this. Donate now!


A cinematic short portrait

To mark the museum's thirtieth anniversary, a short professional film about the Langmatt and its history was produced in cooperation with Seed Audio-Visual Communication AG. The idyllic park, the historic Art Nouveau villa and selected works from the art collection can be experienced in moving pictures for the first time. With fascinating tracking shots, the film answers the question of the Langmatt's "spirit" and identity.

Our visitors can watch the 8-minute film portrait in the specially equipped Langmatt cinema.

Here you can see the 2-minute short version (in German with English subtitles)

Artist's talk Ash Keating as podcast

Ash Keating (*1980 in Melbourne/Australia, lives there) has made an international name for himself with spectacular paintings of entire buildings and huge walls. In conversation with Markus Stegmann, Director Museum Langmatt, Ash Keating gives insight into his work.

Listen to podcast (45 min.)

painting of the former caretaker's house

The painting of the former caretaker's house by Ash Keating portrayed by