The Museum Langmatt in Baden is unique in the Swiss museum scene. This Art Nouveau villa belonging to the industrialist couple Sidney and Jenny Brown-Sulzer is home to a select art collection featuring French Impressionists. It was assembled in the early 20th century, with a great deal of personal passion. The villa’s unmistakable charm lies in its presentation of outstanding pictures from art history in historic living spaces, surrounded by an idyllic park.

The Brown family lived in the villa for two generations. Dr. John A. Brown, its final inhabitant, died in 1987. In accordance with his wishes, the city of Baden, as the sole heir, founded the «Stiftung Langmatt Sidney und Jenny Brown», opening the house to the public in 1990 as a museum of Impressionism and living. Today, this grand villa, which is largely preserved with its original accoutrements, is subject to a preservation order. A place for peace, recuperation and contemplation in an ever faster-paced age. The longer one stays, the more Langmatt becomes an idyllic antidote to this, awakening romantic yearnings and finding a place in the memory of all visitors, both young and old.

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The Architecture and Park

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