Museum Langmatt

Sidney Brown (1865 — 1941) belonged to the founding generation of the international company Brown, Boveri & Cie. (today’s ABB).

Sidney and his wife Jenny Brown (born Sulzer, 1871 — 1968) were ardent collectors of art. In addition to Impressionist masterpieces, they collected superb selections of eighteenth-century French furniture and East Asian and European ceramics.

In 1900/01, the Swiss architect Karl Moser built the Villa Langmatt as the couple’s home and extended it with a gallery in 1905/06.

Their son, John A. Brown (1900 — 1987), made a bequest which provided for the preservation of this important collection within its original context. This charming home set in an inspiring park is now open to the public.

The Museum Langmatt presents several exhibitions throughout the year, which correlate the outstanding Impressionist collection in comparison and depate with contemporary art.

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March 1st — December 11th


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10 Minutes by foot from the train station


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