Program for Mail 2015

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Sunday, 17th MAI, 10 - 5 pm

38. Internationaler Museumstag unter dem Motto:

Lebendige Traditionen. Gestern – Heute – Morgen

Short guided tours of the collection;

parallel offers for families and children.

Tuesday, 19th MAI, 8 pm

Langmatt does cinema, in the Kino Orient

Erfinderland Schweiz – Von Visionären und Tüftlern

A documentation by Peter Höllrigl, with a discussion with the film maker

Saturday 23rd MAI 11 am*

Guided tour of the exhibition with Sarah Zürcher

Feminine Futures - The Membrane of The Dream &

The Membrane of The Real I

Sunday, 31st MAI, 11 am*

SonderkonzertCapriccio Barock Orchester

*reservation is required


View a documentation on the exhibition by art-tv here

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Exhibitions 2015

Feminine Futures – The Membrane of The Dream I / II

(part I: 26. April – 21. August/ part II: 6. September – 29. November)

The Membrane of The Real

26. April – 29. November 2015

Festival Tanz Performance

19. – 21. June 2015

Christopher Füllemann

Pauline Boudry & Renate Lorenz


Joëlle Flumet

Latifa Laâbissi

La Ribot & Ruth Childs

Loreta Juodkaité

Mikhail Karikis

King of Trash

Karin Minger

Julia Perazzini

Anne Rochat

Adrien Sina

Sabine Tholen & David Gagnebin-de Bons

Mark Tompkins & Jeremy Wade

Museum Langmatt presents a series of transdisciplinary exhibitions, events and a festival. Encouraging reflections on visual representation, the events will address the veil, membrane or ‘velum’ as a filter of reality. By focusing on the human body and its movement, these events will not only draw upon aesthetics, the history of art or philosophy but also on other disciplines including dance and architecture. The veil, membrane or velum constitutes a zone of greatest tension between the public and the private spheres. Suspended between absence and presence, appearance and disappearance, actual and spirit-like presence, it is a hinge, an element that participates in Villa Langmatt’s oscillation between its intimate, domestic setting and industrial progress in the early 20th century.

Feminine Futures —

The Membrane of The Dream I / II

(part I: 26. 4. — 21. 8. 2015 / part II: 6. 9. — 29. 11. 2015)

On the first floor of the museum, we take great pleasure in unveiling an extraordinary collection by Adrien Sina. Feminine Futures — The Membrane of the Dream I/II focuses on the history of dance and performance. The astonishing constellation of historic documents including original photographs, manuscript letters, drawings, manifestos and first editions from the late 19th and early 20th centuries is the result of an innovative research project by artist and curator Adrien Sina. He focuses on modernist movements including abstract art, French and Italian Futurism, European and American Expressionism, the Ballets Russes and more independent fields of modernity.

The Membrane of the Real

26.4. — 29.11.2015

In the Museum Park, Christopher Füllemann (*1983 in Lausanne) will present new works, related to Brown-Sulzer family and to the history of industrialisation. In the context of the festival, Füllemann will also direct the interaction of dancers and performance artists including Julia Perazzini with his works. In his in-situ interplay with multiple references, Füllemann approaches the art genre of sculpture from a variety of angles. Starting from the quotidian and using a diversity of materials, he erects several monuments to an uncertain epoch that he occasionally subjects to derision. The veil becomes a zone of transition, a visual and mental progression, a mental construct. A hymn to creation, it is one of any number of possible manifestations of perpetual ‘becoming’. Whether he transforms a pedestal, crowning it with a palm tree or shrouding it in a veil, for example, Füllemann’s humorous interventions always evoke wisdoms from antiquity; flowing garments and convoluted scrolls allude to complex trains of thought and ‘surrealist- like’ dreams. His approach is similar when he mixes or combines sausages à la Franz West or suspends concrete dice from fish-hooks, collecting references and materials and toying with his audience like a dancer. On 20th June 2015, Füllemann will present his sculptures in an inventive choreography including performances created by himself.

Museum Langmatt presents in its basement the film entitled, Salomania, realized by Pauline Boudry and Renate Lorenz in 2009.

Salomania reconstructs a dance: the dance of the seven veils, from Alla Nazimova’s 1923 silent film Salomé. Also shown and rehearsed are sections from Valda’s Solo, which the choreographer and filmmaker Yvonne Rainer created after having seen Nazimova’s film. The installation takes up Salome as a transgender figure and the motif of a queer appropriation of the exotic. The performers are Wu Ingrid Tsang and Yvonne Rainer. At the beginning of the 20th century there was a wave of excitement about the character of Salome, which soon earned the name Salomania. Women got together and imitated the dance of the seven veils. A series of dancers became famous for their interpretations of Salome. The figure of Salome stood for entrepreneurial independence and sexual freedom and became an icon of ‘sodomite’ subjectivity.

Festival Tanz Performance

19. - 21.06.2015

Museum Langmatt und Kino Royal

From 19th until 21st June 2015, a transdisciplinary festival will be held at Museum Langmatt and cinema Kino Royal, Baden. The events will bring together several artists, dancers and performance artists who will create and explore synergies between dance, architecture and performance. These events provide great opportunities to explore the beginnings of performance art and of multidisciplinary approaches that have inspired generations of avant-garde artists for well over a century. They all shared a common bond, which was a profound wish to reconstruct a feminine mythology. A festival program will soon be released.

Loïe Fuller. La Danse Blanche. Photographie d’Isaiah West Taber, 1896. (Collection Adrien Sina)

Loïe Fuller. La Danse Blanche