16.6. – 29.9.2019

Space Travel III – Live in motion

The third edition of Raumfahrt (Space Journey) once again presents snapshots of young Swiss contemporary art. The term “Space Journey” is intended to be taken quite literally: visitors explore diverse cellar spaces not normally open to the public. This year, Space Journey expands to include a new room.

The “New Media” – contemporary video art in particular – exploit the possibilities of the moving image to explore new forms of visual narrative. These artworks are concerned with social and societal, but also personal themes, with the creators of the art taking on a role of showing us something or asking questions rather than presenting us with completed solutions or answers. This manner of engaging with a self-chosen object of investigation without following any scientific or documentary precepts has an equivalent form in literature: the essay genre.

The exhibition Das bewegte Leben (Life in Motion) displays video artworks that can be credited with this kind of essayistic approach. These artworks are often created during journeys or during stays abroad, or have biographical elements. Their creators break out of the context of pure art to actively take part in various social discourses.

The current artworks were created by Goran Galić and Gian-Reto Gredig (* 1977 in Lucerne / * 1976 in Chur), by Berthold Stallmach (* 1984 in Quthing, Lesotho) and by Lena Maria Thüring and Brigitte Dätwyler (* 1981 in Basel / * 1979 in Burgdorf).



Image: Brigitte Dätwyler, Lena Maria Thüring, Arbeit als Liebe. Liebe als Arbeit., 2018, HD Video, single channel, 16:9, color, sound, 22 min 47 sec



Bertold Stallmach, Systeme der Anerkennung – Design Your Life, 2018, Videostill.



Saturday, 15th June, 17.00

Tuesday, 27th June, 18.30
An artwork discussion with artists featured in the exhibition and with Daniela Minneboo

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