Raumfahrt VI – Badel/Sarbach, Val Minnig, Joaquim Cantor Miranda

At first glance, museums and insects would not appear to have a great deal in common. Spiders and woodlice are frequent but unwelcome guests in (in particular) the Langmatt’s cellar spaces, where exhibitions in the Space Travel series take place. The next instalment of Space Travel will take a look at these uninvited guests from an artistic perspective. We generally do not anthropomorphise insects, spiders and lice or show them affection, instead reacting to them with distaste and revulsion. This may be due to their size, their many legs, or the fact that they can transmit certain diseases. In a light and humorous way, the artists will address fundamental questions of hierarchies and symbioses among human beings and creepy-crawlies.

With artworks by Badel/Sarbach (* 1983/1991 in Lavin, GR / Binn, VS, lives and works in Guarda), Val Minnig (* 1991 in Chur, lives and works in Zürich) and Joaquim Cantor Miranda (* 1997 in Muttenz, lives and works in Basel).

The exhibition will have an accompanying publication with images of the exhibition and a text by Daniela Minneboo (German and English).


Main photo: Exhibition view Space Travel VI with artwork by Badel/Sarbach, © Pro Litteris



Samstag, 11.6.2022, 17 Uhr

Donnerstag, 23.6.2022, 18.30–19.30 Uhr
Gespräch mit Künstler*innen der Ausstellung und Daniela Minneboo, Kuratorin

Mittwoch, 31.8.2022, 12.15–13.30 Uhr
Führung mit Daniela Minneboo, Kuratorin


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