Fond Greetings

The pandemic has interfered with the behaviour of our society, including disrupting exhibitions.  How can museums respond to the changing situation in a positive experimental way? Fond Greetings (Liebe Grüsse) is an interwoven process that cheerfully combines changeability and surprise, playfulness and exhibition practice. 13 contemporary artists, all of whom have previously exhibited at the Museum Langmatt, send greetings to the Langmatt in digital form. These postcard-sized greetings will be printed out, to appear boldly among the Impressionist works in the collection. As the exhibition continues, they will be joined by further “greetings”, resulting in a continuing state of change. Members of the public will also have the opportunity to send their greetings to the Langmatt, and a selection of these will also be presented.

Liebe Grüsse relates to the Brown family’s wealth of postcards. A small selection of these will be presented in the cabinet exhibition Schaufenster Archiv while Fond Greetings is running.

With: Norbert Bisky (* 1970), Reto Boller (* 1966), Emmanuelle Castellan (* 1976), Klodin Erb (* 1963), Florian Germann (* 1978), Martin Jakob (* 1989), Renée Levi (* 1960), Pipilotti Rist (* 1962), Nele Stecher (* 1970), Julia Steiner (* 1982), Raphael Stucky (* 1989), Christian Vetter (* 1970), Uwe Wittwer (* 1954).


Main photo: Exhibition view Fond Greetings


Events (in German)

Saturday, 5.3.2022, 17 hrs
Vernissage (together with Renoir unplugged)

Thursday, 31.3.2022, 18.30–19.30 hrs
Guided tour with Daniela Minneboo, Assistant Curator

Wednesday, 27.7.2022, 12.15 –13.15 hrs
Guided tour with Markus Stegmann, Director of Museum Langmatt


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