12.5. – 25.8.2019

Sanatorium Langmatt – A fountain of youth

With a touch of humour, this venerable art nouveau villa transforms into a “sanatorium” dedicated to caring for the physical and psychological well-being of its visitors. They become temporary “patients”, wandering through the house and park in search of recovery. The historic Langmatt ensemble’s unique atmosphere offers the perfect relief for all the stressed people of our time: an inspired setting for holistic regeneration, very much in the spirit of historical sanatoria. At the same time, the Sanatorium Langmatt is a response to current social discussions on the themes of slowing down, contemplation, and deeper use of the senses. At 100 years old, the “Grand Old Lady Langmatt” becomes a fountain of youth for young and old.

Video projections interact with the space to bring nature indoors, casting a spell that brings magical movement to two of the historic rooms. Another room hosts “Sleeping in the Museum”: comfortable beds offer the opportunity for a healthy nap among the collection’s Impressionists. This concept is called “Slow Art”: it makes possible a deepened perception of selected pictures from the collection. Developed by the American scientist Arden Reed, the aim of this method is to intensify the encounter with the artwork. Alongside seeing, the investigation of hearing is at the heart of this. In the park, mysterious sounds can be heard that transport the public to another world. In the library, light-footed melodies are played on the hundred-year Steinway grand piano.

The painting gallery has a spectacular surprise in store: it has been transformed into a badminton court. White lines on the soft carpet mark out the court. A light net is stretched across the middle of the room. Visitors are invited to engage in healthy physical exercise. To cool off and relax afterwards, the park has a specially set up Kneipp bath with a barefoot path.

The artworks are by Herbert Brandl (* 1959 in Graz), Christine Camenisch/Johannes Vetsch (* 1956 in Basel/* 1956 in Buchs), Katrin Freisager (* 1960 in Zürich), Florian Germann (* 1978 in Thurgau), and Mario Marchisella (* 1972 in Zürich).

Frau Hugentobler will assist in explaining the exhibition. Travelling with her tour group headed by Frau Dr. Rohrbach, she is initially quite startled by it. More and more, however, she finds herself enjoying the sights and experiences. This is an entertaining and amusing exhibition text. Markus Stegmann: “Frau Hugentobler und Gefolge”. 112 pages, German/English, paperback for free.


Image: Christine Camenisch und Johannes Vetsch, Arabesques, Videoloop, 2-Kanal Videoinstallation, 2019, Museum Langmatt


Frau Hugentobler and company

Frau Hugentobler has investigated the Sanatorium Langmatt for you, providing more or less illuminating commentaries on the artworks and rooms. This is a (comedy) exhibition text that is just a little different. Take a copy for free

Frau Hugentobler und Gefolge (pdf)

Frau Hugentobler is now also on Instagram: @frauhugentobler
Under #SanatoriumLangmatt you can find the collected contributions.

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Saturday, 11th May, 17.00

Tuesday, 19th September, 18.30
An artwork discussion with artists and Markus Stegmann

Wednesday, 12th June, 12.15
A tour of the exhibition with Markus Stegmann

Wednesday, 7th August, 12.15
Final tour of the exhibition

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