Ash Keating

Ash Keating (*1980 in Melbourne/Australia, lives there) has made an international name for himself with spectacular paintings of entire buildings and huge walls. As a child, he flew with his grandmother in a small plane over the endless scenic expanse of Australia. The intense colours between sky and earth have left a lasting impression on him. The energetic colourfulness of his painting, with its fluid, vertical gradients, reveals an almost transcendent longing.

In a public, performative action shortly before the Badenfahrt, Ash Keating transformed the caretaker's house in the Langmatt park, which had been somewhat neglected throughout its life, into a huge three-dimensional painting. In the last months of its existence, the Haus Germann blossoms with unexpected freshness and colourfulness before it must make way for the construction of a glass, multifunctional pavilion. The Langmatt once again presents itself as a special place for bold painting.

The exhibition is complemented by new paintings in the park and in the museum rooms, providing a differentiated insight into the artist's work.

A publication with exhibition views and a text by Markus Stegmann will accompany the exhibition (German/English).


Main picture: The caretaker's house painted by Ash Keating in the park of the Museum Langmatt 2021, Wurundjeri / Victoria, Australia. Foto: Dan Preston


For the colour sponsoring we thank: Caparol Farben und Lacke, Nänikon; Giuliani AG, Wettingen; RUCO LACKE & FARBEN, Glattbrugg/Baden



Thurs, 17.8.2023, 9.30–10.45 hrs and 16–17.15 hrs
Painting of Haus Germann

Sat, 19.8.2023, 17 hrs

Sat, 16.9.2023, 14–16 hrs
Workshop for kids with Vera Horat, Art Educator (in German)

Wed, 20.9.2023, 12.15 –13.15 hrs
Guided tour with Markus Stegmann, Director (in German)

Thurs, 2.11.2023, 18.30 –19.30 Uhr
Book vernissage

Thurs, 9.11.2023, 18.30 –19.30 hrs
Guided tour with Daniela Minneboo, Assistant Curator (in German)

Sun, 10.12.2023, 15 –18 hrs
Short guided tours (in German) with Daniela Minneboo, Assistant Curator, and Markus Stegmann, Director, as well as Infinissage


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