Thanks to various events, the renovation-related changes to the Langmatt can be experienced:

Day of the empty «old» Langmatt – Sunday, 25 February 2024, 14–18 hrs
After all the furniture and pictures, chandeliers and curtains, books and vases have been removed in January/February 2024, the completely emptied Langmatt will offer the opportunity for a unique experience: how will the characteristic Langmatt atmosphere change when there is nothing left in the rooms? The day of the empty «old» Langmatt will be followed by a day of the empty «new» Langmatt at the beginning of 2026, so that the differences between before and after can be compared. Admission free.

Guided tours of the building site
What will happen behind the gates of Langmatt during the complete renovation? In 2024 and 2025, there will be various opportunities to visit the Langmatt as part of guided tours of the construction site. The exact dates depend on the progress of the renovation work. They will be published on our website at short notice and communicated via newsletter, InstagramFacebook and Linkedin