8.9. – 8.12.2019

Renée Levi – Rhabarbermore

Renée Levi (* 1960 in Istanbul, lives in Basel) is among Switzerland’s most significant artists working in paintings and installations. Her artwork has been exhibited internationally for more than 20 years, and also appears in significant public and private collections at home and abroad.

8.9. – 8.12.2019


The exhibition of works from the collection If pictures could speak … presents selected French Impressionist masterpieces and their astonishing histories, incorporating previously unseen archive materials and historic photographs.

12.5. – 25.8.2019

Sanatorium Langmatt – A fountain of youthmore

With a touch of humour, this venerable art nouveau villa transforms into a “sanatorium” dedicated to caring for the physical and psychological well-being of its visitors. They become temporary “patients”, wandering through the house and park in search of recovery.

16.6. – 29.9.2019

Space Travel III – Live in motionmore

The third edition of Raumfahrt (Space Journey) once again presents snapshots of young Swiss contemporary art. The term “Space Journey” is intended to be taken quite literally: visitors explore diverse cellar spaces not normally open to the public. This year, Space Journey expands to include a new room.

3.3. – 28.4.2019

Margot Bergmanmore

For the first time, the astonishing paintings of Margot Bergman (b. 1934 in Chicago) can be discovered on this side of the Atlantic. In association with the Museum Folkwang Essen and Urbane Künste Ruhr, Switzerland’s Museum Langmatt is holding the first solo exhibition of her work in Europe.


Norbert Biskymore

Norbert Bisky (* 1970 in Leipzig, lives in Berlin) is one of the most important international figurative painters of his generation. His seemingly heroic figures fall from the sky or are involved in rebellious uprisings.


Space Travel II: Fragmentary Piecesmore

The exhibition Space Travel II invites the public to explore (cellar) rooms that were not or rarely accessible. The second issue of Space Travel shows a current spectrum of young Swiss art, which consciously evades the rapid consumption of art with its strikingly raw works.


Unlikely Couples – Impressionism Without a Pedestalmore

Seven masterpieces of French Impressionism seek temporary lovers. Not other works of art, but underdogs from the cellar of the Langmatt. Historic wine racks or mysterious chandelier wrappings "ground" the high-priced pictures and draw attention to the everyday motifs of the Impressionists.


Voices of the Rooms – In the Space Between Art and Literaturemore

Important Swiss authors and artists of all generations let the rooms on the 1st floor of the Langmatt speak in very different ways. An interdisciplinary exhibition with new, site-specific works that sheds light on the amazing permeability of the two genres.